Honesty in work

The BCP has some wonderful collects and phrases asking God to make our work meaningful- a service unto others and unto Him.  These prayers speak to my heart, for I earnestly hope that daily work could be thus.

Yet, another prayer speaks even more openly to me.  It is a confession of dishonesty in our work.  Dishonesty in daily work for most of us is something much subtler than stealing property, embezzling funds or lying to our superiors.  Few of us would ever countenance those acts in their overt forms but we commit their covert corollaries with impunity.

For example, I have complete access to the Internet in my office.  There are no filters or blocked sites and there is no one standing behind me watching my screen.  I am free to fritter away my time on email, shopping, blogging or whatever.  And, as shameful as it is, I have to admit that I am guilty of such theft.  Theft of my employer’s time and the money he pays me in wages.

While not shifting blame, I must also point out that my employer is complicit in this.  He has hired me, offering set amounts of hours over the course of the year, but has not provided me with enough work to do.  So there is a dilemma: be honest by leaving many hours before the clock has struck my time over, thus depriving myself of the pay my employer promised- upon which I rely, or stay, frittering away the time by splitting it between slowly managing my legitimate tasks and handling my own personal affairs.

Oh for a true vocation, not some near-meaningless desk job shuffling papers!  In the meantime, may God improve my honesty.


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