Please God, help us at work

The following are taken from the Book of Common Prayer, which I mentioned in one of my first posts.  The first is a traditional collect (number 24) and the second is taken from the the Ash Wednesday penitence.

Almighty God our Heavenly Father, who declarest thy glory and showest forth thy handiwork in the heavens and the earth: Deliver us, we beseech thee, in our several occupations from the service of self alone, that we may do the work which thou givest us to do, in truth and beauty and for the common good; . . . Amen.

Whoever wrote that prayer is to be blessed.  It is so helpful in realigning our attitudes about work. It gives us hope about what work could mean to us and to our community if we were to give it back to God.

Our intemperate love of worldly goods and comforts, and our dishonesty in daily life and work, we confess to you, Lord.


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