What is love?

Love is spent behind you.

So said my sometimes philosophical father as he tried to define to me what love is.  This very poetic if somewhat mysteriously worded statement struck at the chords of my heart as simple, beautiful, and true.  He elucidated his definition further, describing love as all the work that goes into a relationship with another person.  All the battles won, obstacles faced, memories made, struggles survived.   One day, when our children inquire what love is, I pray my husband and I can describe it as of such steely stuff as that.

My husband and I have only started our journey, so we have less of the retrospective aspect of love in our lives. But we do have the forward-looking commitment to enjoy, forgive, accomodate, and serve each other.  By God’s grace alone we will succeed.  Thankfully, His grace is abundant.


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