Autumn Freaks

Spider, spider on the wall,

Ugliest critter of them all,

How I wish you’d crawl away,

But with Raid I you must spray.

Then you’ll quiver, attempt escape,

But I’ll kill you, jackanapes!

Now you’ve trespassed in my house,

I’ll smash you, creepy, little louse!

No holds are barred, it’s total war;

You and your friends have gone too far.

Northwest arachnids, do beware:

Next time we meet it’s you I’ll scare!

3 thoughts on “Autumn Freaks

  1. I object to this cheeky poem being called ‘pathetic’ in the same way I object to spiders invading our homes! PS. Your new blog design is very pretty.

  2. You can rejoice though that there aren’t roaches crawling out of your cabinets every night. Just as there are in our home…..And furthermore I am so glad the summer is not here yet.

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