To compliment a grown woman, call her beautiful, pretty, handsome, attractive, lovely or any other suitable adjective.  But please refrain from calling her “cute.”

“But,”  one may object, “according to the dictionary, cute can mean ‘attractive or pretty, especially in a childish, youthful, or delicate way.’ What is so wrong with that?”

Perhaps the breadth of the definition includes more than the childish aspect, but in common usage cute connotes puppies, babies, kittens, and other infantile members of the animal kingdom.  Most women do not long to be likened to a baby in adorable little booties or pajamas.  All the work we put into our looks is not aimed at creating a childish appearance.

Please, the next time a particular aspect of a woman’s appearance strikes you as aesthetically pleasing, think carefully about your choice of adjectives.


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