The King is Coming

A king is coming soon.  Our King He is and we wait expectantly.  Having been discouraged by the iniquities of our leaders and the moral chaos of our time, the hope of our coming King is all the sweeter and more deeply meaningful.

Politics will never save us. Rulers- elected, self-appointed, or otherwise- cannot bring true order and health to humanity.  Secular or popular ethics will never bridge the gap between our sin and the righteousness required of us.

But, praise be to God, there is a King who is coming to rule us with true justice and divine mercy. One Who knows us better than we know ourselves, and Who loves us all, together, more than we ever could.

Such is the promise of this season.

Such is the hope we cling to and profess.

The baby who inhabits the manger each winter is worshipped by pauper and prince alike because He is the leader for whom we all long.  God grant His eternal reign to come soon!  Praise God that it is coming!



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