Dejected, bored, annoyed with our jobs, fed up with our house, and depressed about prospects, the Most Loving Man and I half-seriously concocted plans to run away across the country with our Mitsubishi Galant full of precious books and clothes.  But I am happy to announce that we will stay in Eugene and embark on a different kind of adventure.

Our friend, and a future housemate, Mr. Potter, has called it a commune.  Two couples sharing one household, garden, kitchen, and home responsibilities hardly qualifies as a commune, but I can see why one would describe it thus.  The Potters and the Wilsons will join forces this year in a wonderful new home.

Our goal is to encourage each other in thriftiness, frugality, and self-reliance, and to learn the skills needed to acquire those traits.  Growing a garden seems much less daunting when one has friends with whom to do so.  Canning and preserving food makes more sense when more than two people will live off the results.  Preparing home-cooked, home-baked foods is more pleasurable when there is a full table to eat them. Spending less and saving more become easier to do when others are struggling to achieve those ends with you.

I am thrilled to commence this new and exciting project in our lives.  I believe we will finally begin to take fuller advantage of the earthy richness of the Willamette Valley and will become more responsible, capable human beings.  God has blessed us with a wonderful place to accomplish these things.


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