There is nothing quite like a father’s tenderness for his daughters.  To see it in action is to be moved, softened, and comforted.  I reacted thus when at my friend’s parents’ home the other day.  My friend’s father was so comfortable and gentle to his daughters.  It was such a joy to observe them snuggled together in a comfy couch, to see the implicit trust that existed between them.  As I looked at this daddy with his grown daughter I was reminded of my own father, and his rough hand softly caressing my hair on nights when I found it hard to sleep, or his arm reaching round to give me a hug in the kitchen, just because I was there.

Daughters like my friend and I are so fortunate to have fathers like ours.  They are men who love us enough to create a precedent for any other men who will join our lives.  They teach us to expect gentleness. They show us that we are treasures.  They provide a safe masculine harbor, which is especially essential when we are young and unmarried.  I believe that having a papa to whom I could run for hugs and kisses and comfort has been a safeguard to me.  I am so grateful.

Thank God for daddies!


One thought on “Daddies

  1. This is a beautiful post. Thank you so much for writing such nice things about my father. I wish your family so I could get to know your papa.

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