Question, Mr. President

President Obama,  I appreciate your desire to make sure that adequate support is provided to the Americans, wildlife and habitats that suffer in the gulf coast because of the tragic oil spill.  However, you said something I would like you to explain:  How are you responsible for the oil spill?  I can imagine that many politicians are responsible, but you have not been in office as long as many of them and you have avidly disavowed lobbyists and their kind.

Surely the complicity of the majority of America’s citizenry in the rampant use of petroleum has also played a role.  Is that the responsibility you claim?  If so, thanks for setting an example for the rest of us- we are certainly each quite responsible for this tragedy.

However, it seems you are claiming something larger and more encompassing.   Please, Mr. President, divulge.  How are you personally responsible?


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