An open letter to Eugene

My dear Eugene,

Ah, my darling, I knew it would be so.  I knew the moment in which I left you I would realize your immense worth!  How happy it makes me to know I will return.  To realize how fully I am yours and you are mine.  Yes, Eugene, in you have I found the best home yet. 

Not that I mind the break, for we both knew it was a long time coming.  Our relationship needed some of that distance they truly say makes the heart grow fonder.  I may have been cross before I left and said some unfortunate things, but know that I will return to you with a joyful and expectant heart in July, celebrating your cool summer nights and long, rainy season voluptuous with rich greens and blues and greys.  One is never parched with you.

Oh, Eugene, how you have spoiled me!  I arrive to this hot, busy place of concrete and palm trees to find that I am a confirmed food snob.  Not the kind that insists of five-star restaurants with carefully selected wines to match each course, but the kind that turns up her nose at foods with ingredients that sound more like they belong in vials at a lab than on someone’s plate.  When we meet again I will revel even more in your local culinary bounty!

How lovely it will be to breathe your fresh air!  Here there are so many cars and so very few bicycle lanes.  Oh to pedal down your streets again will be glorious!  I will ride down to the Saturday market, stopping on the way to admire the river, and purchase sumptuous berries grown on local land.  What a life we have together!  How I love our happy, simple, healthy pleasures!

Alas, my dear, it is time to be getting along.  I will not be gone too long. Please take care.

Faithfully yours,

Joyfully Outlandish


5 thoughts on “An open letter to Eugene

  1. My dear Joyfully Outlandish,

    I have been grieving for you from the moment you left my moist and mossy soil. I had tried to reconcile myself to this Florida affair, but my tears mixed with the rain and filled the Willamette, up to where the blackberries begin. The sky above mocked me, filling the valley with sunshine; or was it also missing you, and trying to lure you back by imitating the Miami heat?

    Oh my Joy, it is true that I have my moments. My City Council is not always civil or sane. I have potholes, and potheads, and my complexion is pitted by that scar across from the Library. I am not perfect, but I am also not Big, and I will let you have garage sales without permits and keep chickens in your yard.

    So return, my love! My arms are open wide to embrace you! The strawberries are ripe with their luscious promise of summer; the blueberries will soon be heavy on the bushes, as great as bunches of grapes. The deer have sleek coats and the owls sing in the tall fir trees at midnight. To the west the Pacific beckons you, should you require salt air, and to the east, the Cascades stand in silent watch, shielding us from all harm.

    Awake, north wind,
    and come, south wind!
    Blow on my garden,
    that its fragrance may spread abroad.
    Let my lover come into her garden
    and taste its choice fruits.

    I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine. I shall always be yours!

    Waiting for you with great anticipation…


  2. Oh my gosh this exchange of letters is so funny! Both are so, so true. I totally understand. Imagine being in concrete/palm tree land (So. Cal.) for four months!

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