Welcome Warmth of Homecoming

At long last I am thoroughly warm.  After such a long absence (it has been three years since I last felt a Miami summer) I am readjusting well.  This city, whose heat and sun I used to despise, has greeted me faithfully with the hot solar surplus for which I had been longing.  One cannot be cold here except by artificial means.  Fortunately, my parents are too frugal to abuse air conditioning to that degree.  My shorts are actually comfortable at any hour of the day and sweaters are scorned.

The brightness of the sun is intensified by the bleached roads and walls of this city.  The air feels like tepid tea on your skin and in your lungs.  On the day I arrived, I took a half hour walk in the afternoon heat.  Supposedly it was ninety degrees and felt like a hundred, but I was fine.  The sweat for so little effort was an interesting difference from exercise in Eugene, but ocean breezes kept stirring up the air pleasantly and pushing the odd cloud to shield us from the sun now and then.

The wind is wonderful here.  There is something about the observable movement of air that makes the world’s animation spring to the forefront of the mind.  We are not alone.  The earth is not static.


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