Too difficult

Anyone who grew up in Baptist vacation Bible school will know the words and hear the tune. “My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do.”

Little children may sing the words, but it seems that God has to remind us adults repeatedly of His size, strength, and might.  It is far too easy for us to forget His power when we feel lost, afraid, disappointed, or anxious.  We forget – exactly when we need to remember.

That is why I took much heart from His rhetorical question to Sara in Genesis 14:8,

Is anything too difficult for the Lord?

Sara has been laughing because God’s messenger has foretold the birth of Isaac from her loins.  She is an old woman and has been barren her whole life.  She has no earthly reason to believe that she is going to bring Abram a child this late in the game.  But she has forgotten the heavenly reasons to believe.

I forget them, too.  I get bogged down by all the perceived obstacles in our life. It seems like reaching our dreams would be nigh impossible; the odds are almost all against them.  Yet, here is our Father, asking Sara – and asking us – what exactly is too hard for Him?  Sara probably felt the odds were just as stacked against her as any of us might feel.  But God delivered on His promise. Sara had a baby.  He proved her “realistic” attitude wrong.

May He prove us wrong in our doubts and fears, too. We know that He can.


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