Collections Calls vs Meter Maids

At least I’m not a collections call center employee or a meter maid.  But if I had to be one, I should find the collections call center job to be less abhorrent.  The call center employee merely relays information about existing liabilities.  Unpleasant, but the evil was done by a third-party, not the caller.

Contrasted with the caller’s rather passive role, the meter maid runs about like an evil gremlin casting gloom on desperate drivers.  Whenever I see one printing out a ticket it is difficult to restrain the urge to pounce upon them and demand, “Are you really going to do that? How can you live with yourself?!”  I imagine that they receive some sort of sick power thrill each time they find a victim.

Maybe soon the only place we’ll find free parking is the Monopoly board.  The day they start charging for bicycles I will rebel.  It will not be pretty as the collective wrath and vehemence of cyclists rolls into the streets and overthrows the tyranny of the parking nazis.  The drivers may take it, but we cyclists will not!


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