Out of touch

Here is an experience that happens all to often:

You are browsing in a chain apparel store. At some point during your peaceful perusal you are accosted by a salesperson, usually equipped with some sort of bluetooth device.  He or she informs you in a practiced, clipped tone that today you can save an extra [blank] percent on your purchases if you open a credit card account with the store.

It seems that the corporations that own these chain stores are either completely out of touch with our current economic issues and their history, or they simply wish to have a customer base that is increasingly incapable of putting down ready money for its purchases.  Either way, the practice seems tasteless and foolhardy.  As a customer, one steps into the store to (possibly) make a purchase, not a find a new entity to whom to become indebted. It seems downright evil to pounce upon the customer and encourage her to buy more than she can pay for, all on a new credit card that is going to cut down the initial cost of the product.  The sense of bargain will be fully worn off as she pays many times those savings in interest to the credit agency.

These companies seek to prey upon the ignorance, vulnerability, and poor judgment of their customers.  They exhibit exactly zero responsibility toward the customers, society, and the future.


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