Safety First . . . or Finally

In August of 2000, my family moved me to Tallahassee, Florida.  I was transferring at the start of my sophomore year to Florida State University.   It was the beginning not only of a new academic situation but a lifestyle choice: the bicycle officially became my primary means of transportation.

It has been almost exactly ten years and the bicycle remains my trusty steed of choice.  Other than two periods (in Europe and my first year in Eugene) during which I had to rely upon walking or busing because I did not have a bicycle, I have been cycling to my daily obligations (work or school) pretty faithfully.  Of course, I have benefited from many car rides from friends.  Now I am married I even co-own a car.  Nonetheless I still use my bike on a daily basis to get to work and sometimes other places.

Here’s the catch: until yesterday I did not own a bicycle helmet!  (At the initial time of writing, yesterday was September 14.) Despite repeated warnings from people who loved me, and some who just like to preach, I had not yet taken up the safety measure.  Many times I thought about it, even looked at helmets and contemplated buying them. But for some reason I always hesitated.

Until yesterday, that is. Bradley, Chris and I went on an innocent trip to BiMart to get shot-gun shells for killing geese.  I happened to walk down the aisle that led to bicycle gear.  To my surprise, a shiny, new, un-geeky helmet was only $15.99!  After a decade of postponing, I finally caved.  I am the proud owner and wearer of a black Bell bicycle helmet!

Here’s to safety!


One thought on “Safety First . . . or Finally

  1. Oh Jessica, I’m astounded to learn you didn’t have a helmet all these years–thank God nothing happened to you! Please wear it in good health.

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