“Good Morning” . . . or not

Possible reply to a chipper Monday greeting of, “Good Morning!”

You have correctly identified the time of day but have missed the mark in describing it.


3 thoughts on ““Good Morning” . . . or not

  1. Some day out of sheer love for you and pity for the world, I am going to walk ten paces ahead of you and whisper to the oncoming hordes, “Don’t ask her how she is. Don’t ask her what she does. Don’t ask her to cooperate with your happy clappy. And don’t be chipper. Just don’t. Leave her be.” And if that doesn’t work perhaps we could try these:
    If you were to shout any of these as a response to their morning questions they’re likely to think you’re crazy and will have pity on you. Better yet, they’ll probably leave you alone for quite a while.

    • Thank you for your delightful comment! You made me laugh out loud. I hope you know that YOU are one of the rare exceptions to my “how are you?” moratorium. You can ask me how I’m doing any time- Monday mornings included- and I’ll take it the right way. 🙂

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