A Change in Perspective

With my new job comes the perk of a new office.  In addition to being roomier, it has a window that looks out on a much grander vista.  From my previous office – about the size of a solitary confinement cell – I looked out onto the courtyard.  Now, weather permitting, I can see miles into the distance.  Past the parking lot, the buildings in the neighborhood, and taller structures about 10 blocks away, I can see the mountains lying to the west of Eugene.

On the day of the semi-tragic football game, I had the eerie experience of watching the fog roll in.  There was something ominous in it, that made the battle-cries of Duck fans running around campus sound menacing and dangerous.  Judging from the result of the game, maybe the fog was an omen.

At the close of the work day I am sometimes blessed by a spectacular sunset. Seeing the orange and pink brightness makes the troubles of the day slip out of mind.

Close to my window is a large tree.  On a stormy day a week or so ago I watched it moving in the wind and I was calmed by its action.  There is something so restful in seeing a strong breeze ripple through leaves.  Trees know how to give way so gracefully, [almost] always coming back to place when the pressure is gone. I look forward to monitoring its changes through the year.

This morning  I look out and see clouds hovering all the way out to the horizon, where streaks of white and baby blue serve as a backdrop for cadet blue profiles of mountains. There are still low-lying puffs of white on some of them.

When you have to interact with a machine all day, it is so helpful to look out and see what God has made and sustained.

Now, if only I were paid to stare out the window!


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