The kindness not of strangers, but of betters

It has not been my lot in life to find myself in the precarious position held by Blanche Dubois who “always depended on the kindness of strangers.”  Rather, I have been blessed and constantly surprised by the kindness of my betters.  These are people who have reached out to me countless times, demonstrating unexpected generosity.  They have no obligation, as my parents would, to look out for me (those two have done more than you can imagine!!).

It seems that Providence has led these special people to do their acts of kindness particularly in times when I am at risk of feeling pinched by circumstances.  I have never had to seek out their help – it has always flown freely and spontaneously from their compassion.  Their gestures, from bringing me snacks at work to sending a $50 money order every month of my years in college to surprise care packages to plane tickets to a car, have simultaneously lifted my spirits and humbled me.  These dear people, most of them women, have modelled a heart of thoughtfulness and magnanimity to which I aspire.   It is my hope that somehow I will be able to pass on their love to others and turn around the blessings they have bestowed.

Though I do not often give names on this blog, today I would like to publicly acknowledge some of the people whose consistent acts of kindness, large or small, have made my life so much better.

Irma.  She gets her own blurb. My aunt Irma has an open-handedness that truly astounds me.  She does not have very much of her own, yet she manages to give so much away to those she loves.  If I were to tally up how much she has given me over the years, I would be afraid to know the sum!  She truly models the kind of generosity to which Christ calls us.  I thank her not only for pouring out so much on me, but for being a beautiful example.

My aunt Carol and uncle Tom.

Janet Stewart.

Leslie Borkenhagen (then Wyllie).

Carol Roth.

Pam Gifford.

Of course there are many others, but these few came to mind the other morning as I was thinking how fortunate and loved I have been my whole life.

I praise God for the kindness of my betters!


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