Depressing Architecture

I am currently on the hunt for a new place to live and, as usual, the process is somewhat discouraging.  There are certain apartment complexes whose architecture is so ugly I take one look at them and know that if I had to live there I would become suicidal.

Aesthetics are so important.  Once again I have to ask, why do people make ugly things on purpose?  It doesn’t make any sense to me.  Enough unattractive things exist because of accidents and disasters, why then should we go out of our way to produce more hideous things?  Are we punishing ourselves for something? The people who design these unappealing structures must be some kind of sadomasochists who enjoy inflicting visual pain and dismay on themselves and others.


4 thoughts on “Depressing Architecture

  1. This is amazing. I sometimes wonder the same thing about the colors people choose to paint their houses in Oregon. Why don’t we paint them dark gray to match the oppressive skies?

  2. OOOOOoooOOOoo, fun! So many good prospects! I remember some newly renovated mid-century modern apartments near Vero coffee opening recently . . . Yes, I completely agree about the aesthetics issue! I always like the Tiffany building downtown — but no garden options there! Love the new building at 4th and Mill (by the bridge), soooo many possibilities . . . some of them truly nasty.

  3. Every time I drive by the Wayne L. Morse federal courthouse I shudder and think about the poor people who have to work in this tin can all day! Hope your search will turn up something aesthetically pleasing and affordable.

  4. BTW — it would be fun to go apartment hunting with you when I’m down there in a couple weeks (assuming you’re still looking at that point . . .), or coffee, or whatever; feel free to get my email address from my mom. Cheers!
    -The Bourgeois Librarian

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