Peaceful Pisgah- Who keeps looking at this post?

Somebody keeps coming back to this post, so it would seem.  It keeps showing up in my stats with one hit every couple days or so.  Who are you?

———Original Post—————

Evening, June 17, 2011.  A friend and I took a sunset hike up Mt. Pisgah this past Friday.  About a third of the way up there is a bench and good viewpoint.  At that viewpoint this gorgeous vista mesmerized us for several minutes.  It was a quiet hike; very few people were left on the trail at that point and we were able to enjoy the views in peace.  Our pace slowed after that pit stop because we could not resist glancing backward every few steps to admire the changing colors and light.

When we reached the summit we enjoyed a repast of homemade tortillas and hummus, munching as we watched the cool blue and green shades of the surrounding landscape deepen and darken as night hastened on.  With the aid of the moonlight we managed to make it back down the 1.4 miles of trail to the parking lot without tumbling.  A perfect ending to the week.


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