Buttery Baking Badness

Don’t bake cookies when you live by yourself.  In particular, do not bake Martha Stewart’s Chocolate Chunk Cookies.  For one thing, when you live alone, there is no one to fight over the cookie dough bowl.  This means you get to “clean” it all by yourself. That is not good. It tastes good, but it is not good.

Then there are the cookies.  I didn’t even use all the dough when I baked this Sunday.  I baked 27 cookies (three batches, nine each) and froze the other half or so of dough.  But something had to be done with these 27 cookies!  Wisely, I immediately distributed about a third to one very tall man who needed help studying.  But that left about a dozen and a half. A dozen and a half of Martha Stewart’s Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Ghiradelli 60% cocoa chocolate chunks sitting in my cabinet!!!! This was a very dangerous situation.  I remembered another friend who might benefit from cookies and set aside a half-dozen for him.  That left a dozen.

This is terrible.  I wish I felt sick but I don’t.  However, the truth is, as of this morning, I have finished the cookies!  All by myself!! A dozen cookies in four days.

Bad. Very bad.

Baking cookies is dangerous.  It’s best to use the buddy system – maybe even a group system.  No one should have to face the perilous butter-sugar-flour combination on her own.  I tried and I lost!


3 thoughts on “Buttery Baking Badness

  1. I feel your pain. The last time I made ginger cookies I ate 3 a day easily and that was with Chris there too. Cookies should only be made for largre group gatherings or in my case I should only make the ones I don’t like and won’t be tempted to eat!

    • Well thanks for being more positive about my consumption than I was! Maybe you’re right. I have at least resisted the temptation to thaw the rest of the dough and bake more!

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