Love Lessons

Recently two of my dear friends celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary.  They took a two-night trip to a cabin to celebrate and were able to enjoy reflecting on the very busy past four years. Those years included two moves, the purchase of a small business, the birth of a son, and the conception of a second son to be born in a few months from now.

One thing my friend told me about their reflections was perfectly beautiful and in tune with what we would hope Christian marriage would be.  I do not know that I have the words quite right, but what she said was,

We know so much more about love now than we did four years ago.

Her statement was so simple and yet so rich with miraculous meaning.  I thank God for their marriage, and for making them people who can grow together and find with time and experience that love deepens and expands, as opposed to waning and contracting.  Christ has been in the midst of them, tending and growing their love so that it thrives not only between them and their children but flows out on to others.

This must be one of the greatest blessings of marriage: that it teaches one to love.

I love you, my friends, and I congratulate you very warmly on your anniversary.


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