I thought we talked about this.  Do you really want to do this to our relationship?  I am losing all faith in you.  Really, four days of gloom and rain in mid-July is outrageously unacceptable.   Your mood is so dark that I don’t want to get up in the morning and face you.  When was the last time you spoke with your primary physician?  Maybe you need to see about getting your dose of antidepressants increased because they seem to have ceased working.

It’s not just me you’re hurting.  Many of our friends are feeling very disappointed right now.  We all feel like you are not yourself any more.  To be quite frank, some of our closest friends have discussed hosting an intervention for you, but I talked them out of it, at least for now.  However, if you don’t shape up, I’m not sure how long I can hold them at bay.

You have got to snap out of this!

Missing the Eugene I knew and loved,



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