The Fruits of Her Labor

My dear friends the Jameses have added a new member to their family.  Isaiah, JoAnna and Jed welcomed Matheson to their lives on September 15, 2011.  I was fortunate enough to see this amazing little person on the day he was born.  His mamma did a lot of work to get him out so we could share him, and I am so incredibly proud of her.

Here I am with Matheson when he was nine days old.  That day the Jameses and I went to Dorris Ranch and I got to be the proud auntie carrying Matheson around in a silken baby sling as we meandered down the wooded trail.

JoAnna and I have been friends for over half our lives.  I can remember when we were just freshman in high school dreaming about the day we would be married (to men, not each other).  Looking at her in the hospital as she held the fruit of her labor and her amazing husband and coach stood close by, I was overcome by the fact that she was in life where we had imagined she would be.  At that moment she was exhausted- dredged to the last drop from carrying and delivering Matheson.  But what she has gained from her efforts!  She and Isaiah have meaningful marriage and a beautiful family.  I feel so blessed to be included as an extension of that family.

God bless Isaiah, JoAnna, Jedidiah, and Matheson.  May their love continue to grow, deepen and mature as the years go by.


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