Where I’m Most at Peace

Today my father and I went to Bill Baggs State Park again in the early afternoon.  This time I got more than my toes into the water!  I had forgotten how salty it could taste and was roughly reminded as soon as I plunged into the mild waves.  But the feeling of buoyancy and fluid motion, the beautiful colors of the sky and water, the warmth of the sun, and the smell of the salty air were perfect!  I’ve often thought that I would be my best-adjusted self if I lived next to the sea.

The dip was nice, but mostly Papa and I just sat on our towels on the sand, enjoying the breezes and the gentle, constant sound of the water.   There were people on the beach, but not so many that they spoiled the peace and pleasure of the place.  It is hard to imagine something more grounding and calming than contemplating the ocean.  Something about its vastness, its power, its blue-grey-greenness simply stills my soul.  It is amazing that something so potent and terrifying can bring such comfort.  Perhaps there is a comfort in recognizing one’s own smallness and weakness.


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