Meat, Ribs, Bruises

I have discovered a disadvantage to lacking what some people refer to as “meat on their bones”, in this case, specifically on the rib cage.  Like all bodies, mine stores fat much more readily in some areas than others.  My ribs happen to fall into the “others” category.  In fact, the front of my rib cage may very well be at the bottom of my body’s priority list when it comes to flesh placement.

This has never posed a problem or been a point of concern- until Tuesday. That evening I was at the gym, bouldering.  One thing I have noticed as I climb more is that one acquires many interesting and unexplained bruises when engaged in this activity.  Usually the bruises confine themselves to my legs and I do not remember how I got them except that it must have been something I did while climbing.  You’re too focused during the activity to notice small things like that (torn finger nails are another story)- you come home to find them later while showering.

But this Tuesday somehow a particularly energetic move went awry and I managed to collide very violently with something, presumably a hold, and the point of contact on my person was a spot on my rather vulnerable rib cage. Of course, this is entirely my fault. In fact, probably 90% of my bruises occur due to sloppy technique.  I once even managed in a moment of total clutzitude (poetic license, please) to hit my head against a hold! Luckily that did not result in a bruise.

The jury is still out on whether this blow to the ribs will result in a bruise- mine can take a while to show up.  It has definitely resulted in mild pain and what in certain light looks like a pale green patch.  Bruise or no bruise, it isn’t exactly fun, so word to the wise to all you “ribby” folks:  it might be a good idea to wear a puffy vest while climbing, at least while you’re working to get your technique to a passable level.


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