South Jetty Park

Yesterday Mr. Mountain Man took me and Ella to the coast. It was a rare treat because it was actually warm and sunny and I discovered to my great joy that, contrary to previous belief, it is possible to enjoy splashing about out in the waves! We frolicked blissfully on Hobbit beach, tossing frisbees and running into the water to cool down.
After a quick snack in Old Town Florence, we went to catch the sunset at South Jetty Park on the dunes. Here are a couple images.
Though pretty, they fail to capture to magic of the sand flying somehow slowly over the smooth surfaces of the dunes, or how the light on the dunes shifted colors from pink to lavender to cadet blue and finally a beautiful silvery grey. Nor do they show how, when the sun was just a sliver at the horizon and the clouds above that line were a pale luminescent gold, the wet sand at the edge of the shore mirrored that gold, mixing it with pale pearly green.
It was a gorgeous and blessedly peaceful finale to a wonderful day.




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