Spring Break

There is something miraculous about feeling the sun on your back and the wind in your hair after a morning of rain and a day spent indoors. Today when I left the office, armed with a golf umbrella, I was delighted to see that the clouds had parted, revealing clearer skies and sunshine. The gusts of wind pushed the diversely-shaped clouds across the sky, leaving beautiful gaps of blue. I stopped to admire the view from the Hawthorne Bridge: light making the water shimmer and brighten; clouds and sky seemed vaster and taller for their layers and watery spaces. The strong breezes tousled me hair, quickening me with new liveliness. You can feel the switch to Spring.

You can see it, too. Everywhere trees and bushes are waking up; their delicate buds begin to show, promising the luxurious foliage of summer. The new growth on some of the taller trees gives the tips of the branches a rusty orange glow which contrasts with the precious lapis lazuli above. A brighter beauty is returning to the landscape. Though I know that much more rain must fall before Summer saunters in, the hopefulness of Spring buoys me up.



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