Open Letter to a Malicious, Hollering Young Male

To the young male who thought it would be amusing to holler or cat call maliciously out of his car window at me as he drove past:

Your actions betray your deep-seated misogyny.  By yelling at me you display that you are a product of a sexist, violent culture and that you feed back into that same culture.  Persons such as yourself, who think it “funny” to frighten women, foster a world that is hostile and unsafe for women.  Your unkind action not only harmed me in the moment: you perpetuated a terrible attitude and set an example for others that it is “okay” to intimidate women.

If the law were on my side, today I would have thrown a hefty rock at your car and broken a window or damaged the body of the vehicle. The law should be on my side. Instead, if I were to throw a rock and damage your car, I could get in trouble.  But no one is going to punish you for your hateful, damaging behavior towards me and other women.  Property is more important than humanity? 

There should be means of retaliation against this intimidation.  There should be real consequences for this.  Instead, we are told to get over it, to move on.  We are told that no real harm was meant, that it is no big deal. But harm was meant, harm was done, and it IS a big deal.  

How would you feel if you saw someone holler at your mother the way you did at me? Would you think it was funny? Would you laugh and say, “Hey Mom, wasn’t that great?” Something tells me no matter how much of a crass asshole you are, you wouldn’t be okay with it. Maybe think about that the next time you are tempted to harass somebody.



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