Fresh Fall

No, not a fresh fall of snow, but the season of autumn is referenced in the title to this post. Autumn is here: the days are noticeably shortening, the weatherman says we’ve seen the last of our 90-degree highs, and the sprinkles have commenced. Though I rue the growing darkness as the solstice approaches, I must admit there is a relief and a pleasure to this change. Earlier this week I had my first rainy bike commute of the season. I was calmly delighted by the gentleness of the gray skies, cool drops of rain, and the intensified blues, greens, purples and greys all around me. The cooler temperatures and misting water refreshed me – enlivening my senses at the start of the day in a manner perhaps more gracious and subtle than the cheery bright sunshine of high summer.

I am sure I will be missing that sunshine soon. The sleepy mood of winter is already showing up in the intensified desire to hunker down in the covers instead of rising in the morning. My happy lamp is on at work and I am taking my Carlson’s vitamin D supplements again. Nonetheless, I appreciate this change and I can look forward to watching the trees as they turn their leaves so many beautiful tones before shedding them at last in the wet, chilly end of fall.


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