Salutations! I’m Jessica, the author of Joyfully Outlandish, an eclectic collection of stories, opinions, beloved and interesting quotes, photos, and tips.  My topics vary widely. Some posts ramble glowingly about life in Oregon; others discuss ideals; and still others give humorous commentary on daily life (i.e. comically framed complaints).  You’ll often find quotes from some of my favorite people, including the genius George Eliot and humane Wendell Berry.

There are a few of goals for this blog:

  1. Motivate myself to write.
  2. Make people laugh.
  3. Make people think.

Please, feel free to comment on my blog.  Seeing people comment is very encouraging.  I moderate comments from new people, so if your first comment does not show up right away, do not worry. WordPress just wants me to tell it you are okay.  And I will.

A native of Miami, Florida, I was transplanted in Eugene, Oregon almost a decade ago, after stints in various locales.  .  I don’t think I’ll ever get used to what I call Darkness at Noon, but winter solstice-induced semi-suicidal feelings aside, I love western Oregon.


One thought on “About

  1. Jessica!! I somehow (serendipitously…is that a word?) stumbled upon this blog. I sent you a card ages ago that somehow found its way back to me (and apparently never to you) and I was unsure how to contact you…although, silly me, I suppose good old telephones still work! Anyhoo, I’m delighted to have stumbled upon your lovely blog and I look forward to reading your thoughts. Don’t bother publishing this comment. I just wanted to contact you and I couldn’t find an email button or other such nonsense. I have lots of updates and hope to share them either by phone, email, or good old fashioned letters soon.

    Big hugs!!


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